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Female boss Renee is satisfied with his performance and lets him stay for now…

Neither he nor I are God, for God rules all realities!Employee Peter is staring his first work day at Pure Cfnm when he gets called by his new boss Renee into her office.He walks in to see her giving a good spank to one of the salesgirls he met earlier for mistakes in contract which makes him laugh.Instead, both men end up being stripped naked just after a few rounds… Being dominated by a horny female is something every man looks forward to experience at least once in their lifetime.Those sexy babes on femdom dating sites are ready to take charge of your body and mind.

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Surprised by this turn of events Neil doesn’t hesitate to take an advantage of it as he takes his clothes off and let the girls to perform their duties. Stacey is teaching class in male anatomy when she gets called away to Pure Cfnm Superior’s office.

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